Waist Trainer


May 29, 2016

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Celebrities and everyday women alike cannot talk enough about the fashion trend called waist training. While its recent surge in popularity is new, it’s actually a very old concept. For centuries, women have been using tight lace corsets to slim the shapes of their waists. Today, fans of waist training still rely on corsets for the most dramatic results. There are alternatives as well, called cinchers, bands and fajas, which slim the waistline using compression fabric instead of lacing.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional steel boned waist training corset or a compression garment, we have the BEST selection of waist-slimming pieces in San Antonio.

Some of our customer favorites include cinchers which provide firm hold for your midsection. While in use, these garments can visibly reduce your waistline up to several inches while stimulating thermal activity and perspiration in your core. We also have compression bands designed specifically for workouts, so you can amp up your intensity. Whatever type of garment is your preference, we have what anyone needs to start a waist training regimen.  Available  in sizes Small – 6x.