Summer Vibes Have Arrived!


June 16, 2018

[one_second]We are always on the look out for the NEWEST and GREATEST items for our customers. Sometimes having a basic bullet doesn’t cut it anymore. This blog will showcase the latest innovative toys that we have available for in-store purchase. These toys will make you feel great in all the right places, but don’t take our word for it. Keep scrolling and be amazed because your summer vibes have arrived![/one_second]

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The new California Dreaming collection will have you riding waves of pleasure no matter where you’re from. C’mon, why wouldn’t you want to own a toy named “Beverly Hills” for “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Each one of these toys will bring you a different & unique pleasure than the other. Not to mention, these toys are also waterproof because what’s summer without a little splish and splash. No summertime sadness here.



Any Texan knows we like things hot here. From our salsas to our food, we like to always take it up a notch. What if we told you, you could have warm lubricant or massage oil at the tip of your fingers? Introducing The Touch, a warmer and automatic dispenser for lubricant and oil! This takes away the worry of a potential fire hazard with a massage candles. So hands free and full of satisfaction. We actually have one in-store that dispenses hand sanitizer!


Le Wand is so fanccyyy! Talk about a glow up for your wand.

With beauty, Le Wand is also oh so powerful.  Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager delivers intense and sensual pleasure. This luxurious wand has 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. The sleek design provides focused vibration in the head of the wand. Powerful, penetrating pleasure is granted in the convenience and versatility of a rechargeable wand.

Also, adding an attachment to this bad boy will take your sexual adventures to the next level. Pictured to the left is a textured cover that will introduce your clitoris  to a whole new world of sensation. On the right, is a dual attachment. It will hit both your G-Spot and clitoris at the same time: making  you question what you were using before!

Just in time for bikini season, Coochy shaving creme is here to save you from some serious razor burns. Coochy Rash Free Shave Crème softens the hair so your razor can cut it without pulling, leaving you with a clean, smooth, rash-free shave. Coochy is safe to use anywhere on the body, including legs, arms, underarms, intimate areas, head, and even the face. We definitely recommend using Coochy if you are prone to razor bumps and rashes. Using Coochy has been life changeing for both women and men. It will leave you feeling so soft!


We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator - Sex Toy San Antonio Love Shack Boutique

Last, but NOT least, the Sync by We-Vibe! The Sync is completely waterproof, so you can take it to all your favorite summer vacay spots; the beach, lake, pool…where ever! Did I mention it comes with an app? For instance, say your lover is half way across town, state or world, they are able to control the Sync via app. You can also make your own vibrations, text, call and video call all through the app! Adult toys have come a long way since bullets. Buying the Sync is the ultimate upgrade from anyone!

So stop by Love Shack Boutique and let us blow your minds.

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