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Überlube Good To Go Refill Bottles 2x15ml


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Überlube Good To Go Travel Sets are perfect for your pocket, purse, or gym bag.
Grab one and go!

Refillable.  Just grab a refill pack and you’ll have two more überlube cartridges for your case.
Discrete. Case is unprinted, überlube logo is on the inside.
Case available in Gloss Black and Silver.

Voted first choice silicone lube by consumers for many good reasons!

Überlube is currently one of the best silicone-based personal lubricants on the market:
not only can this function as a sexual aid, but this lube can also be used as hair serum, makeup primer, massage oil, moisturizer, and even shoe polish.

  • This lubricant is completely odorless and tasteless.

  • Upon application, the lube is thin and silky and light.

  • It rubs into the skin smoothly, leaving a sleek, long-lasting finish that can be rubbed away, making this lube an effective massage aid.

  • Überlube is never sticky or tacky, nor does it leave any oily residue.

  • Überlube comes in a beautiful clear glass bottle with a pump, allowing for ease of use during sexual activity.

  • Its minimalist design makes it subtle and nightstand-safe.

  • Containing only 4 ingredients [dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclomethicone, and tocopheryl acetate]

    this lube is absolutely unique in its minimalism.

  • It’s glycerine- and paraben-free, making Überlube an option for those who are prone to yeast infections and UTIs.

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