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Mini Pocket Books


Explore the world of bondage with the Bondage mini book – your ultimate guide to the basics of bondage. This petite pocket guide is filled with 32 sexy knots and all the information you need to have a wild and fun night. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, this book has everything you need to know about rope tying techniques, safety considerations, and an overview of kink culture. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step photographs, you and your partner can explore the world of BDSM with confidence. Embrace your kinky side and unleash your desires with the Bondage mini book!

Discover the secrets of the Kama Sutra with the Kama Sutra mini book by Sephera Giron. Reawaken your desire and explore 64 erotic positions from the sacred art of Kama Sutra. This petite and portable guide is perfect for discovering passionate positions anywhere, anytime. With detailed instructions and illustrative photographs, this mini book is your quick reference guide to a passionate lifestyle. From the sultry Splitting of the Bamboo to the adventurous Tripod, each pose is sure to bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Add some fiery flavor to the bedroom and experience prolonged ecstasy with the Kama Sutra mini book!

Spice up your sex life with the Position Sex mini book by Lola Rawlins. This petite, easy-to-carry mini book contains everything you need to know about 50 wild sex positions. Whether you’re stuck in a one-position rut or looking to be more adventurous in the bedroom, this book has you covered. Each position is accompanied by a four-color photograph and detailed instructions, so you can explore new and exciting ways to pleasure each other. Take your bedroom repertoire to the next level with the Position Sex mini book!

Achieve mind-blowing orgasms with the Orgasm mini book – your ultimate guide to great orgasms and sexy games. Whether you’re looking to intensify your orgasms or achieve multiple orgasms, this petite and discreet mini book is packed with scientifically proven techniques to take you there. With 50 fun and sexy games to try with a partner, overnight company, or on your own, you’ll discover new ways to have multiple, extended, toe-curling orgasms. From the best positions for hitting orgasm hot spots to visualization and breathing techniques, you’ll learn how to have amazing orgasms with ease.

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