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Liberator Jaz Motion


Enhance your intimate experiences with the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow cushion, a petite yet powerful addition to your bedroom repertoire. Designed for couples seeking to add motion and stability to their lovemaking, this compact cushion offers versatility and comfort like no other.

With its unique shape, the Jaz Motion allows you to experience two distinct movements. Use the curved side for subtle rocking back and forth, or lay it flat as a sex wedge to create a gentle slope that enhances traction and penetration. Whether you’re exploring new positions or simply looking to elevate your pleasure, the Jaz Motion has you covered.

Crafted from high-density foam, this sex pillow provides unparalleled support and lift, allowing you to connect better with your partner and keep your bodies aligned. Its petite size makes it perfect for travel, while the soft microvelvet cover adds a touch of luxury to your intimate moments.

The Jaz Motion sex pillow is not only functional but also practical. Its removable, machine-washable cover ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. Plus, the poly/nylon liner helps resist moisture, preventing the cushion from sinking into soft mattresses and ensuring a stable surface for your erotic adventures.

Whether you’re enjoying solo masturbation sessions or spicing up your love life with a partner, the Jaz Motion sex pillow is the perfect companion. Add it to your collection of sex furniture products for endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

Experience the joy of motion and stability with the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow cushion. Let its curved contours and plush texture transform your bedroom into a haven of pleasure and intimacy.

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