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The Perfect Pair: Womanizer & On For Her Arousal


November 25, 2017

Now that everyone has awoken up from their Thanksgiving coma, it’s the most wonderful time of year again. It’s time to treat yourself with countless orgasms all year long. While others pair wine with food, we pair together products that will have your eyes rolling back within minutes!


Womanizer Pro

Seriously, Womanizer Pro is one of the best toys on the market! The Womanizer puts the O in Orgasm. It comes as no surprise that the Womanizer was one of this summers sizzling picks. With eight functions of vibration intensity, you’ll experience countless orgasms. The Womanizer suction cups directly on the clitoris; offering sensations similar to oral sex. The company also has stated that their users would orgasm in less than five minutes. Yeah, what amazing news for your vulva! To accommodate different clitoris sizes, it comes with a regular and XL suction cup head.

Pair With: On For Her Arousal Gel

The On by Sensuva is one our best sellers for arousals. It increases a female’s orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. Designed to enhance intimacy, ON Gel uses a natural botanical blend of essential oils to create feelings of natural arousal and increased lubrication in most women. Our customers love it! The combination of the Womanizer and On will make your eyes roll back. Place a drop of the arousal gel on the tip of your finger and rub it on you clitoris for a few seconds. You’ll start feeling a cool buzzing sensation within five minutes; then place the womanizer on your clitoris. You’ll never want to leave you room again.

You may be asking yourself,” how will these products work for me?”If you’ve found that penetration isn’t taking you to climax station, you aren’t clicking the most important button on your vulva. Studies have found that 70% of women cannot orgasm with just penetration.  The Clitoris is the only part of the body that is solely meant for pleasure. It has 8,000 nerve endings to that are ready to take you from 0 to 100 real quick.