Keep The Vibrations: FAQ with Alyssa


August 8, 2017

Alyssa - Staff Love Shack Boutique San Antonio Sex Shop

After a long day, all you want to do is pour yourself a glass of wine, soak in suds, and use your vibrator. Alyssa, our local sex guru, will answer questions and give tips that will have your vibrator lasting for years!

Q: “How important is it to wash your toys?”

Alyssa: “It is very important to clean your toys because the bacteria (even though you may not see it) is lingering on there. You want something that is going inside you and/or your partner to be completely clean. The bacteria can build up and break down your toy. The easiest way to avoid a bacteria infection is by cleaning your toys.”

Q:“That leads me to the next question. How frequently should someone wash their toy?”

Alyssa: “If you want to increase you toys longevity, clean your toy with toy cleaner before and after use EVERY TIME!”

Q: “Why you you wash it before if you cleaned it after you used it last time?”

Alyssa: “Because there may be lint or other bacteria from the storage.”

Q: “Should you use soap to clean your toys? Like regular hand soap”

Alyssa: “Yes you can, but it is not recommend. Even though you use that soap all time, you run the chance of having a reaction to that hand soap inside of you.”

Q: “What kind of lube can you use on the toy and does toy material matter?”

Alyssa:  “You want to stick to a water-based or hybrid lube. They are completely safe to use with with materials such as jelly or silicone.”

Q: “So why can’t we use silicone with a silicone toy?”

Alyssa: ” We don’t recommend silicone and silicone because they can cause a chemical reaction. Although some people may use silicone on silicone, our advice is to clean your toy immediately after use to avoid the material from breaking down.”

Q:”Is there different ways to clean different types of toy materials?”

Alyssa: “No, use the same method you have with all your toys.”

Q: “In this Texas heat, where should someone store their toys?”

Alyssa: “You should store your toys in a nice, clean, cool place. You do not want to throw it on back of a vehicle because that’s hot. Avoid from putting your toys in sock because that lint and material can stick to the toy if you don’t clean it properly. If you are going to have a jelly and silicone toy, you should store them separately because they might stick together. ”

Q: “Can someone use a toy that they used with their ex on their new partner?”

Alyssa: “I wouldn’t recommended it because of the potential STD’s you can get; but yes you can. If the toy is steel/metal, glass, or non-porous, it can be cleaned and shared. ”

Q: “I’ve heard of some people skipping the cleaning by wrapping their toy with a condom.  Is that true?”

Alyssa: “You can! People wrap it up all the time and you wouldn’t have to clean it, BUT if the condom you are using come with lubricant you should clean. Make sure the toy is latex-friendly. ”

Q:“When do you know it’s time to replace your toy? Is there a time limit?” 

Alyssa: “Ohh you’ll know. You should replace your toy when it’s completely broken down. If your toy is no longer working, has battery acid, or you can see the wear and tear, it’s time to get a new one. You can’t be okay with putting battery acid inside of you. It all comes down to how well you take care of your toy. A toy can last you a long time if you apply everything I’ve said before. If you take care of your toys, they’ll take care of you (if you know what I mean).”