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November 24, 2020

Welcome to the year of 2020, where battery-operated vibrators are obsolete and Hitachi Wands are a household name. In the era of sex toy innovation, emerges a new product line that has taken the market by storm.
Lovense sex toys are the culmination of five years of research, development, and many long hours. These toys are great for long-distance interactivity, programmable vibration strength, and wireless remote control. Basically, you are both able to connect and play with the toy(s) anywhere in the world!
Talk about leveling up your sex toy game in 2020.

The Lush 2 

The world’s most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator!
Use it anytime, anywhere.
The longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators!

Lovense has developed and improved with the time a set of high-tech long-distance sex toys: Max (a masturbator) and Nora (a rabbit-style vibrator).

The big idea behind these unique couple toys is that they interact with each other to produce a feeling of touch and intimacy for both partners, whether you are in different rooms, in different cities, in different states, or in different countries.

Yup, you can be oceans apart and still feel each other…

How does it work? The toys have captors that detect, receive, and recreate the movements when one is paired with another Lovense product.

If your partner plays with his sex toy, you will feel it, and so on.

Technically, everything happens through the Lovense “Body Chat” app, which is really easy to use. In less than 5 minutes, you could be starting to have some long-distance fun.

  1. Download the app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or computer (Windows or Mac)
  2. Connect the app with your sex toy through Bluetooth (the toys are delivered with a Bluetooth dongle)
  3. Invite your partner

Once it’s done, you can take control of his/her product and start playing! The app also allows you to chat or to video chat, to bring you even closer.

In the end, you’ll have the feeling that distance doesn’t exist anymore between the two of you.

Nora’s Innovative Design

Nora's innovative design includes rotating head, optimized shaft and a vibrating arm.
Nora's rotating head helps to easily find and stimulate your G-Spot.

Rotating Head

Easily stimulate your G-spot!

Nora's optimized shaft stimulates the right places during thrusting.

Optimized Shaft

Designed to gently stimulate the right places during thrusting.

Nora's flexible vibrating arm can accomodate multiple body types.

Vibrating Arm

Flexible arm accommodates multiple body types.

Max by Lovense. Revolutionizing male masturbators.


Revolutionizing Male Masturbators!

Max is a top-quality masturbator, designed to recreate the inside of a vagina.

Friction is produced by air-pump technology, and the vibrations can be controlled like the Nora either by pressing the buttons on the product or the app.

You can define the level of pressure or vibration in solo (4 levels) separately, let the music guide you or give the control to your partner.

The vibrations are not too strong but are enjoyable, given the fact that only a few competitors on the market offer this option. The air-pump can become quite noisy though, so avoid it if there are people near you.

The overall quality is excellent. The silicone is nice and soft, the product is waterproof and easy to clean before and after use.

W e are so excited to offer our customers the “cream of the crop” when it comes to their toys. We offer in-store each of these products.
Stop by Love Shack Boutique and let us blow your minds.
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