Hot Summer Picks for 2017


September 5, 2017

Hot Summer Picks - Sex Toy San Antonio Love Shack Boutique

As you hear the school bells rings say bye, bye summer and hello fall! That doesn’t mean the fun stops now.We are going to a glance back at our summer best sellers!  Below you’ll see our ten most popular sex toys; you may even come across one that you already own! Some people pair their wine with food; at the Love Shack Boutique, we like to pair toys with other products to give you the perfect orgasm.


Womanizer Pro

Seriously, Womanizer Pro is one of the best toys on the market! The Womanizer puts the O in Orgasm. It comes as no surprise that the Womanizer was one of this summers sizzling picks. With eight functions of vibration intensity, you’ll experience countless orgasms. The Womanizer suction cups directly on the clitoris; offering sensations similar to oral sex. The company also has stated that their users would orgasm in less than five minutes. Yeah, what amazing news for your vulva! To accommodate different clitoris sizes, it comes with a regular and XL suction cup head.

Pair With: On For Her Arousal Gel

The On by Sensuva is one our best sellers for arousals. Our customers love it! The combination of the Womanizer and On will make your eyes roll back. Place a drop of the arousal gel on the tip of your finger and rub it on you clitoris for a few seconds. You’ll start feeling a cool buzzing sensation within five minutes; then place the womanizer on your clitoris. You’ll never want to leave you room again.


Guys love their fleshlights! These sleeves take masturbation out of this world. The Vortex has a lot more going on than it may appear. It is one of the classics in their line of products. The Vortex offers a wave-like transformation. The broad ribs have a  deep stimulation and a spiral massage sensation that fast shifts in direction. The many interspaces provide enough space for a strong vacuum and the resulting suction effect. The Vortex combination provides a pleasant experience, especially for newcomers.

Pair With: Wicked Masturbation Creme

Peak your sensations and intensify your pleasure with the Wicked Sensual Creme Masturbation Cream for Men. This unique, oil-based, intimate lubricant is essential for solo play with your Vortex.  Creme is long lasting and never sticky which is perfect for your alone time.



Trust in the TRYST. Made in America, the TRYST is bringing pleasure to people all around the world.  It is a multi-purpose pleasure toy for him, her, couples, and solo play. You can wear TRYST around the penis as a solo vibrator,c-ring or use the firm but flexible arms to arouse the clitoris and nipples.  It has three powerful motors, seven powerful vibrating settings, and separate arm and base controls. With all of these mind blowing features, our customers are certainly getting their money’ worth! TRYST will satisfy all of your sexual cravings.

Pair With: Fuck Water

It’s all in the name. F*ck water is the perfect companion for your playtime. Since TRYST is a silicone toy, we recommend using the water-based F*ck water, since silicone on silicone could cause a chemical reaction. The F*ck water will give your partners shaft that extra cushion during penetration. It is also glycerin and paraben free which is good news for those who have sensitive skin.


Since we are a Military City, the Nova is popular among those who are in long distance relationships. Why? The Nova is app compatible with iPhone and Androids. So no matter how far away you are, you can make your partner orgasm from anywhere. Literally, anywhere. Nova offers G-spot stimulation and powerful clitoral stimulation.  The unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with your clitoris. Nova rumbles like no other dual simulator. The easy to use controls let you get the feeling just right. Increase or decrease the intensity or turn off the G-spot or clitoral vibration. Mix it up to try new combinations, and make sure to take Nova in the bath or shower for a truly sensual experience.

Pair With:  System Jo Foaming Toy Cleaner

If you’re going to invest in a high-quality toy like the Nova, you want to increase the longevity of your toy by buying a toy cleaner. System Jo Foaming Toy cleaner is great because the foam shows you if you’re cleaning your entire toy. It is essential to clean your toy before and after use. If you love foam soap, you’ll love this foam toy cleaner.

Palm Power Rechargeable

Big fan of the Magic Wand but not so much the size? The Palm Power is compact and still packs a punch for that outside stimulation you’re looking for. In this case, size doesn’t matter. It is also rechargeable so you can discreetly take it everywhere. With 8,000 nerve ending in you clitoris, you’ll enjoy the sweet vibrations of the Palm Power.

Pair With: Palm Power Attachment Heads

Another awesome feature of this products is that you can transform this outside stimulation toy into a dual stimulation toy with different attachments. These attachments allow you to enjoy both pleasures while keeping those good vibes.

Sensuelle Point

This bullet is fully submersible. No surprise why it was popular this summer. You can bring it to the pool, beach, lake, or Jacuzzi and continue the play in the bedroom. This is one of the most popular bullets on the markets. This unique bullet has a one of a kind tip that pin points to get straight to the point. The Sensuelle Point is twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel.

Pair With: Wicked Aqua Heat

Wicked’s Aqua Heat lights that spark in the bedroom. This water-based lube brings you a wide range of sensation that will enhance your sexual experience for both solo and couple play.


A product made for women by women. Who else know women better than themselves. Sex toys should satisfy real women’s needs and that is what Eva does. Staying in place with the help of two flexible wings which tuck under the labia, Eva is designed to stay out of the way during penetrative sex, giving you a boost of stimulation while leaving your hands free to move around and focus on intimacy.  The Eva will give you clitoris all of its undived attention.

 We could actually make eye contact instead of constantly looking around to figure out what was where.

~ Cosmopolitan

Pair WithG How I Adore You Cream G-Spot Stimulant

If you have a lot of action going on for outside stimulation, and you feel like you need an extra boost for G-spot stimulation; you should use this exciting enhancement gel.  This gel will increase the blood flow and sensitivity of your g-spot which helps women located where their g-spot is. During penetration or play, the likely hood of you experiencing an orgasm  will increase tremendously. The combination of the Eva and G How I Adore you will work together to give you the best orgasms of your life.

Natural Motion

For all my independent women out there who don’t need a man, but miss that thrust in their life, you need the Natural Motion. To be quiet literal, this toy f*ucks you. It features an up and down thrusting movement forgetting about your outside lady bits (clitoris).  7 functions of powerful vibration and 7 functions of rhythmic to make your body sing.

Pair With: Jo H2O Cool Water Based Lubricant

Enhance your sexual experience with System Jo’s H2O lubricant! Lube is always a great option. It reduces friction, the risk of micro-tearing, and potential tearing. If you liked those slip n’ slides as a kid, make your own slip n’ slide with your toys and lube. The H2O Cool Lubricant from System Jo provides the exciting sensation of cooling and tingling to arouse and heighten the sensual experience. A similar feel and viscosity to silicone.

We-Vibe Sync

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the Sync! This nifty toy makes sex exciting again. Remember the times when you couldn’t get enough loving from each other? We- Vibe aimed to design a toy that would reignite the sexual flames and create a new idea of sex for you and your partner. During sex, she would wear the sync for outside and inside stimulation and together you both share the vibe. Anatomically, no one has their G-spot or clitoral located in the same spot, so it is awesome that you can make small adjustments to fit your body. Also, just like the Nova, the Sync is app compatible! Use it on your partner when you’re out of town or just in the other room.

Pair With: Sliquid Organics Oceanics Lubricant

We recommend if you are prone to yeast infections or irritations due to lubricant, for you to try an organic line of lubricant such as Sliquid. Sliquid’s newest addition, Sliquid Oceanics, is glycerin and paraben free; which are the two ingredients found in most drugstore lubricants (K-Y Jelly and Astroglide) that can cause discomfort. This lube will leave you moisturized along with giving you a natural source of vitamins like A, B, C and E.Mystic

Last but not least is Mystic by Dorr! Four toys in one? Heck yeah! This toy is designed to transform into four different vibrators. Think of it as a bundle deal for your vibrator. You can change a bullet to a dual simulator vibrator within seconds. Not to mention, this toy is SO powerful. The Mystic will keep up with your sexual desires.

Pair With: Wicked Cleene

At the shack, we encourage the use of toy cleaner before and after play time. Wicked cleene is a great toy cleaner option to wash away the bacteria from your Mystic. It is both fragrance and paraben free which decreases the likely hood of you having a reaction or irritation.