Shots Fistit Silicone Stimulation Glove – Black


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Transform every one of your fingers into an exciting sex toy. The FISTIT stimulation glove gives you the upper hand in the bedroom. With a different texture on each finger, this ultra-stretchy toy will provide unique vaginal and anal stimulation! The thumb has a large round top that can be used for prostate or vaginal stimulation. The index finger has a pointed top and 3 bulges to use however you choose. The middle finger is a straight-forward smooth stimulator. The ring finger has a dotted surface for intense stimulation. The pinky finger is ribbed for more textured pleasure. Then throw in six ribbed stimulation rings on the palm and this glove becomes the bedroom accessory that keeps on giving!! Apply lube to your hand and slide it into the glove. Give the glove a squeeze to release the air for a tight fit.

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