The Love Shack Boutique Limited Candle


If you have ever walked into The Love Shack Boutique you know the most unique, sensuous, and seductive scent that’s in the air (ok I may have gone a little too far describing it but, it’s a marvelous scent). Customers ask us daily what scent is it? Well, we now have the Love Shack Boutique scent captured in a candle.

Infused with the finest essential oils and an aromatic blend of cherry blossom, strawberry, lemon zest, and vanilla bean. 100% natural soy and lead-free wick.  Hand-poured in San Antonio, Texas.

8 ounce

Burn time: 40+ hours depending on care candle.

Trim your wick before each use, this will give you the max amount of burn time.   Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

Additional information

Love Shack Boutique Limited Candle

Live Laugh Love Don’t be a cunt, Light Me When You Want A BJ, Sexy Time Candle, My Last Fuck. Oh look, It’s on fire., Smells Like Love Shack Boutique, Bitch..You Got This! Infused With Positive Vibes, When This Candle Is Lit, It’s Time To Lick My Clit!, Happy F*cking Birthday! Have the best day ever.


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