Meet Our Team

Amy Gonzalez, ACS – Owner & Certified Sex Educator

While enrolled at University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA), and working full-time, I decided to start a part-time in-home lingerie party business. Instantaneously, I knew this was my life’s calling. Yes, it is a fun industry to work in, but what really kept me motivated was helping women. Of course, having access to gorgeous lingerie is plus. After years of hosting in-home parties and at my customers’ requests, I knew it was time to open my own boutique. Opening the doors to Love Shack Boutique was no easy feat. In addition to juggling school, work and my in-home parties, I spent years educating myself in all aspects of the business. Learning about different consumer products and the various types of fabric used to make lingerie, was definitely the fun part. Then there are other facets of the business requiring much more attention, such as the business and marketing plan, financing, location, inventory, employees, competitors & everything else that comes with opening a retail boutique. Needless to say, it takes hard work, dedication, self-motivation and relentless determination to have your own business and to keep doing what you love.

Today, I am happy to say that all this hard work has paid off. Love Shack Boutique has won numerous awards: Winning both The San Antonio Express-News & The SA Flavor Best Fiesta Medal for 2015 and 2016. We were honored by The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) Business Development Center, as a Small Business Leader in the areas of job creation and business development. I was honored by receiving the Inspiration Award from The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Women’s Awards Luncheon “Making a Mark on the World” – Women who Inspire, Innovate and Impact the World Around Us. The most exciting award we have received is being voted as the # 1 Adult Store by The San Antonio Current’s Best of San Antonio, for the past five years in a row. This high honor is thrilling and humbling, because it was made possible by my great employees, and especially, our fantastic and supportive customers. Without our customers our company would NOT exist.

My hope is that you will visit Love Shack Boutique, experience the difference, and see why our customers have made us # 1.

Alyssa - Manager

Alyssa has been working for Love Shack Boutique since 2014. In the past three years, Alyssa has become knowledgeable about the various products the store carries. The best part of her job is having the opportunity to be an advocate for sexual health. A lot of people may not know what they are looking for, and that's okay. With the knowledge she has acquired, she is able to show customers products that align with their sexual needs/wants. You can call her your local sexual health guru. 

Daniela - Marketing Coordinator

Daniela has a B.S in Communication from St. Mary’s University; she had no idea what she wanted to do after graduation until recently. The perception of adult stores tend to align with those that we see in movies; dildos and DVDs everywhere and an uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment, Love Shack Boutique has broken away from those stereotypes; which is what attracted Daniela to working at the Love Shack Boutique. As the marketing coordinator, Daniela showcases how Love Shack Boutique stands out from the rest of the adult boutiques/stores located in our city. She handles our blog as well as all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat). With every post, Daniela aims to educate individuals about their sexual health, needs and desires. 

Alexa - Customer Service Specialist

Alexa was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. She is a true San Antonian with love for her Spurs, tacos, and culture. Alexa is currently attending The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) studying Environmental Science and Geology. In her off time, she lives for traveling, swimming, and photography. What she enjoys about working for Love Shack Boutique; is amount of philanthropy work, they do with the community of San Antonio, as well as, the gratification in making customers comfortable in their experience and educated. 

Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, CAN - Sex Therapist

Dr. Harper is a licensed professional counselor, certified sexologist, certified clinical nutritionist, writer, certified hypnotherapist, and certified YogaFit yoga instructor.

Wow, that makes her sound super-fancy. But she's actually pretty fun to hang out with, and she loves both teaching at The Love Shack Boutique and referring her clients to go shop there. With so many options for your dollars in this city, why the Love Shack Boutique? Because Amy and her team are completely dedicated to making sure your visit is both comfortable, education, and freakin' FUN. In all the years she has sent people to the Love Shack Boutique she has never heard ANYTHING other than what an amazing experience they have had. That is some seriously awesome customer service and she is humbled to be part of the team!
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