Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys 101

Join us at Love Shack Boutique for a night of sex toys and FUN! Bring your friends!

Learn fun and effective ways to ease, tease, and please through the use of sex toys. Whether you want to try something new for couple’s play or embrace sexy single-hood. Amy, our Certified Sex Educator will guide you through the ABC’s of adult toys. We have the hottest new toys- USB-rechargeable, app controlled, even Bluetooth compatible!

Shop discretely with your privacy in mind with help from our expert female staff!!

20% off to all students, fun and education.

FREE Event

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Events are non-explicit and non-sexual. That means that although the content includes information about sex and are intended for adult audiences, no sexual or explicit activity takes place. All demonstrations and other learning tools, images and props are of an educational nature.

Everyone Is Welcome: Our in-store events are well attended by an incredibly diverse audience. When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean it! People of all genders, orientations, ages (18 and older) and abilities are encouraged to come.