Polyamory Basics ~ Exploring Ethical Non-Monogamy

Polyamory Basics ~ Exploring Ethical Non-Monogamy

This class will discuss the basic vocabulary and structure of this alternative lifestyle that is gaining popularity. We will discuss coming out to children, family, and friends, living arrangements, and finances. We will present dating sites, dating safety and books to help navigate polyamory.

Long term polyamory people are encouraged to attend to give additional insight.

Hi I am Dr. Nancy Webb. I have a master’s in general psychology and am a PhabD in research/ coaching psychology and a PhD in holistic coaching and theology. Our San Antonio Polyamory group has been around since 2002 and now has over 1400 members of which 150 are active. I present a variety of classes to introduce polyamory to people and to help them navigate this alternative lifestyle that is gaining in popularity.

I, personally, have been polyamorous for 17 years, while married for 20 years to an amazing man. We started this journey when he became a quadriplegic in 2001. I am also involved in various civic groups helping veterans and the elderly while writing articles and coaching clients. We live in the very southeastern part of hill country just northwest of San Antonio Texas on a small ranchette with our dogs, cats and wild life.

Supporting sex positive education for our community.

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Events are non-explicit and non-sexual. That means that although the content includes information about sex and are intended for adult audiences, no sexual or explicit activity takes place. All demonstrations and other learning tools, images and props are of an educational nature.

Everyone Is Welcome: Our in-store events are well attended by an incredibly diverse audience. When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean it! People of all genders, orientations, ages (18 and older) and abilities are encouraged to come.