Lunch & Learn ~ Toygasms!

Lunch & Learn ~ Toygasms! 

There’s something liberating about a sex toy, and it’s not just the ‘I don’t need anyone else’ aspect. (Many women find using sex toys with a partner just as fun as going at it solo, after all.) Instead, there’s something kinda wonderful in the fact that they exist at all, and that in doing so they acknowledge women as sexual beings, deserving of pleasure—and orgasms—on their own terms. While there are plenty of options on the market, we will be discussing some of the most innovative, impressive creations (many designed by women for women) which allow a woman to take her sexuality into her own hands.

$10 per person

Bring your own lunch, we will also have light refreshments and 20% off all purchases.

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Events are non-explicit and non-sexual. That means that although the content includes information about sex and are intended for adult audiences, no sexual or explicit activity takes place. All learning tools, images and props are of an educational nature.