Female Pleasure and Orgasm Class with Cay Crow – Certified Sex Therapist

Dive into the diverse, complex, and beautiful world of female pleasure and orgasm. This class is for those who want to understand female sexual response and orgasm.  We will take a tour of basic anatomy; foreplay and building up her arousal; the clitoris; g-spot, female ejaculation; ORGASMS; hand techniques; positioning; toys and lubricants, and more!

Vulva owners- this class is for you as well! Learn how to take pleasure into your own hands! Gain a better understanding of your orgasmic potential in both self-loving as well as with your partner.

$15 per person, refreshments, toy gift bag, 20% off all purchases.

Cay is a Licensed Professional Counselor and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist. In addition to her private practice here in San Antonio, She teaches Human Sexuality Classes at San Antonio College and University of the Incarnate Word. Cay also co-host a weekly radio show on KSYM 90.1 called Night Moves – An Exploration of Contemporary Sexuality. She has taught adult sex education workshops for the past 18 years in San Antonio and Austin. Her classes are the perfect combination of information and fun.

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Events are non-explicit and non-sexual. That means that although the content includes information about sex and are intended for adult audiences, no sexual or explicit activity takes place. All demonstrations and other learning tools, images and props are of an educational nature.

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